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洁净和新鲜的室内空气会让我工作更愉快, 轻松. 充满激情和活力! 精力充沛!

哈利, 墨尔本 收到的电子邮件

洁净和新鲜的室内空气会让我工作更愉快, 轻松. 充满激情和活力! 精力充沛!

哈利, 墨尔本

I am a eye lash technician. I was getting terrible reactions to the fumes of the glue used to attach extensions. Luckily I found your unit and gave it a go. Not only do I love how nice it smells, it has stopped my allergic reactions! I have used it for the past couple of months, and haven't had a reaction since!

Alyce Received by email

I am an ASTHMATIC and have always been concerned at the air quality I was breathing at home and in my office. I was uncertain at the start about the PureAir Tech and the scents it applied into the air. I was absolutely delighted to find that after trying out your technology in my office, the air was substantially cleaner and the freshness with the scents provided was brilliant. Very importantly, I had no adverse reaction with my asthma. I am happy to be working in my office, I feel more motivated and have more energy while working. The scent is refreshing and the device has reduced the dust. Great device and I have found no impact to my asthma at all. I feel positive this technology will assist many people to enjoy “CLEAN AIR.”

Harry McIntosh Received by email

I had unpacked some boxes of linen that had been stored and soon the room carried a musty smell, so I thought I would give the 'PureAir Tech' air cleaner a try. Within no time a far more pleasant aroma filled the room, removing the bad odour completely. I then moved the 'PureAir Tech' to my bedroom and again, the room was refreshed by the silent action of the small box. This would be the perfect addition to any home, retirement home or nursing home where you might like to refresh the rooms. I thought I would get one for my mum who lives in a small independent living apartment where, in cold weather when the doors and windows are often shut, recycled fresh air is lacking. 'pureair Tech' would be perfect for this.

Debra Received via email